Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Writing Conferences Are Rad

I just may be in Utah sooner than I planned, the thought of which makes me want to jump up this very moment and pack. As before stated, I was planning on coming out for various reasons, mom's birthday, an author dinner with none other than Tristi Pinkston, a little thing called Pony Express Days down in good ol' Eagle Mountain. I'm very excited for these things. Very. But there was a fly (a very small one) in the ointment. There's a writing conference next weekend in SLC called CONduit. A few authors are going to be there that I'd like to see (Dan Wells, James Dashner, Dave Farland, Brandon Sanderson), not to mention much needed instruction on how to actually write my own book (something I'd like to see happen in my lifetime). Thanks to my family and my best friend, Donna, I'm going to be able to come out early, stay longer than expected AND go to the conference. Hooray!

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