Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Writing Challenges Suck

Right when I thought I'd have all this time for writing it turns out I don't. My kids started a new school year on July 6th, right when I was beginning a new writing challenge. I thought, "Hooray! I'll get so much writing in! I'll have 2/3 of a book finished by the end of the month." And then I realized that kids going to school means I have to get them ready for school. I know it doesn't seem like that big a deal, but who knew? Plus, I started going back to the gym and that eats up most of my mornings. Then I go home with my two youngest children and feed them lunch and entertain them until the other two get home from school. And then its time for homework and chores and making dinner. Why did I think I'd have time to write? I must be crazy.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Ukulele

I recently picked up a ukulele at my local guitar store for $40 bucks and it has turned out to be quite a delightful purchase. Scott told me I should learn a Metallica song on it. Haha! Nothing like playing Metallica on the beach with a ukulele. No stares there. :)

Friday, July 10, 2009


I saw Transformers last night. Really, I don't know why reviewers and whatnot had a problem with this movie. Did they see the first one? Did they not watch the cartoon back in the day? Frankly, I was happy that they threw in a plot for this one, but really, it didn't matter one way or the other because it's TRANSFORMERS. I was wildly entertained. Just ask my husband. I was actually laughing when leaving the theater. I probably could've done a cheer. In fact, I think I laughed through the entire movie. Because you can't take these things seriously. The CGI was awesome, Shia was spot on and the music rocked. What else do you want?

Monday, July 6, 2009


The Fourth of July went down like this...

We went camping at Fenchman's lake on Friday night. Come to find out, I don't get cell phone service up there. We got home early afternoon on the Fourth and I get a call from my sister (in Utah) during which she tells me that my dad is in the I.C.U. because they think he might have had a heart attack! Thankfully, he came through and was finally stable enough to do the requisite tests today. But, WOW! Talk about moments you never forget. It really brought home the guilt factor that I've been stubborn about family reunions and stuff. My Mom has reminded me once or twice about how her family was getting ready for a family reunion years ago and the event was sadly marked by the passing of her sister (who I am named for). She told me recently that her mom never really got over it. And now I can see how something like that can never be predicted or prepared for. You can never get it back to do over.

So, Dad, I'm glad you're all right. I can't wait to see you!