Thursday, October 29, 2009

Stupid People...

Has anyone else seen the nonsense in pop news about Taylor Lautner? How there's a double standard in Hollywood when it comes to what is or isn't appropriate to take off (clothing wise) for underage actors? The whole thing is really ridiculous. I spent, easily, twenty minutes reading an article about it and then reading the comments afterward and the whole thing made me disgusted (time I will never get back). Some people pointed fingers saying that anyone looking at underage persons sexually were pervs. Others thought Hollywood was in the dark ages by not allowing girls and boys the same amount of skin in the tabloids and on the big screen. And the whole time I just want to scream, YOU PEOPLE ARE IDIOTS! Doesn't anyone out there remember that the only reason we have underage anything is because someone in the past thought it might be prudent to make that distinction for the protection of said minors? Not that I'm for the ogling of teenagers, but those laws don't take away a teenager's innate sexuality. What I am saying is that its not about equal skin time, its about teaching young people that its not about the skin at all. Someone needs to tell young people to leave something to the imagination and to remember that what is in your head makes you much more appealing than finding out how much of your body you can show off without walking around naked.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pull Over When Drowsy

I saw this sign both coming and going to Utah this last week. I find it interesting and useful to know that this principle is multifaceted, though not as widely accepted as it should be. I mean, what a concept. If you're tired you should sleep, as opposed to driving into the truck in front of you or swerving off into the desert at high speeds. Or, I don't know, when you're sick you should actually rest and recover before trying to go on with the heavy lifting of life. Also on that list is writing. Maybe its just me, but I think the person short on sleep, putting in fourteen hour days at work and then coming home to family obligations and regular life is up in the wind if they expect themselves to be writing 3000 words a day as well. Let's take it down a notch. Just ratchet it back a smidge. Get some sleep. Come at it from a different perspective in the morning. And with that...

Friday, October 9, 2009

Wasting time....blah blah blah....wasting time.

I had a great brain storming session with Donna today.

I shared an Oreo shake (from Jack in the Box) with my kids after practicing the organ at the church. They weren't exactly gems, but they didn't burn the church down either. So, they deserved it.

I haven't been to the gym since Tuesday. I'm gonna go ahead and chalk up this week to being either too a)busy, b)tired or c)out of town. I've lost 10 pounds since about August so I'm taking a well deserved break.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Humanitarian Aid

I find it both shocking and amazing that things easily found in our local stores, sold for mere dollars, are the things that are most needed by those in areas struck by disaster and war. Indeed, not just disaster zones and nations writhing in the grip of totalitarian dictators. Soap, combs, hand towels, tooth brushes, tooth paste. These simple items transform a person from "dirty transient stranger" to "human being". They bring those unfortunate souls who walk our streets, penniless and without shelter, back from the brink of hopelessness. These precious items can remind them of their humanity and worth. So, give a hand this year. This very minute if you can.

Here is a link on how to put together Hygiene Kits, Newborn Kits, School Kits to be sent to the Latter-Day Saint Humanitarian Center.

I wish I could put a listing up that says, "Here is the exact right place where you should help out." I can't. There are too many places that are in need. Homeless shelters, women's shelters, retirement homes, soup kitchens, shelters for transient families. Not to mention hospitals and hospices, drug rehabs and the ever-present schools in need of support. But with careful consideration and prayer, I'm sure you can find the right place where your services will be well received. We can't save everybody, but we can help somebody. Just do what you can, right?