Thursday, October 29, 2009

Stupid People...

Has anyone else seen the nonsense in pop news about Taylor Lautner? How there's a double standard in Hollywood when it comes to what is or isn't appropriate to take off (clothing wise) for underage actors? The whole thing is really ridiculous. I spent, easily, twenty minutes reading an article about it and then reading the comments afterward and the whole thing made me disgusted (time I will never get back). Some people pointed fingers saying that anyone looking at underage persons sexually were pervs. Others thought Hollywood was in the dark ages by not allowing girls and boys the same amount of skin in the tabloids and on the big screen. And the whole time I just want to scream, YOU PEOPLE ARE IDIOTS! Doesn't anyone out there remember that the only reason we have underage anything is because someone in the past thought it might be prudent to make that distinction for the protection of said minors? Not that I'm for the ogling of teenagers, but those laws don't take away a teenager's innate sexuality. What I am saying is that its not about equal skin time, its about teaching young people that its not about the skin at all. Someone needs to tell young people to leave something to the imagination and to remember that what is in your head makes you much more appealing than finding out how much of your body you can show off without walking around naked.

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  1. Good point--no matter how old you are, nobody's going to respect you any more for how much skin you show. Idiots.