Friday, July 10, 2009


I saw Transformers last night. Really, I don't know why reviewers and whatnot had a problem with this movie. Did they see the first one? Did they not watch the cartoon back in the day? Frankly, I was happy that they threw in a plot for this one, but really, it didn't matter one way or the other because it's TRANSFORMERS. I was wildly entertained. Just ask my husband. I was actually laughing when leaving the theater. I probably could've done a cheer. In fact, I think I laughed through the entire movie. Because you can't take these things seriously. The CGI was awesome, Shia was spot on and the music rocked. What else do you want?

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  1. Even though I had my complaints about it, it's still a wicked awesome movie in my head, and I'm satisfied with the end result. There were a LOT of cool applications with the different Transformers--I like how Bay gave them their own unique role instead of making them look different but perform the same way. Ravage was an infiltrator, Soundwave was a coordinator, Starscream was a lackey, Megs was a second-in-command, Bumblebee was still the guardian, Mudflap and Skids were tag-alongs, Sideswipe was the hit-it-and-quit-it guy, Jolt was...ugh. Jolt was underused. All in all, just fantastically wonderful :-)